Coolant/Antifreeze Service in Royal Oak, Michigan

December 2, 2018

Royal Oak auto owners may know that most automotive failures in Royal Oak, Michigan, are tire related, but do you know the second most common cause of vehicle failure? Nope, it's not teenagers. It is the coolant system. But if you take good care of your vehicle coolant system, it will take good ... More

What is a TSB? (Technical Service Bulletins)

November 25, 2018

If your vehicle had something in its design or production that the manufacturer had figured out had an unanticipated problem, you'd want to know about it. And you'd want it fixed. There is something that can help drivers with just such a scenario. It's called a Technical Service Bulletin, or TSB.... More

When Do My Shocks Need to Be Replaced?

November 19, 2018

A good suspension system gives a vehicle a smooth, even ride while providing Royal Oak drivers with good handling and control. But like any system on your vehicle, parts of the suspension system can wear out, leading to a lower ride quality and safety concerns. So it's a good idea for drivers in... More

Direct Fuel Injection Update from TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires

November 11, 2018

For those of you in Royal Oak, Michigan who pay attention to these things, you may have been hearing about the new direct injection engines and want to learn more about them. Some deliver the power of a V8 with the economy of a V6.For example, in one family of engines the conventional V6 makes a... More

Blind Spot Safety for Royal Oak Driving

November 5, 2018

Blind spots may be a good thing when it comes to a spouse's annoying habits, but when driving an automobile in Royal Oak, they are definitely to be avoided. So, while it's not good marital advice, it's good auto advice to minimize your own blind spots and stay out of other Royal Oak drivers' bli... More

TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires Often Asked About Premium vs. Regular Gas

October 28, 2018

Royal Oak residents often ask the question: "Will using premium gas make my car run better?" The answer is simple. But first, let's talk about what exactly premium gasoline is.Different grades of gasoline have different octane ratings. Regular gasoline has the lowest octane rating and premium th... More

Clean Fuel ? Clean Performance for Royal Oak Drivers

October 21, 2018

Fuel filters clean the dirt, dust and debris out of your fuel. Both gasoline and diesel-powered engines have them. The fuel filter is located in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the vehicle engine.Royal Oak auto owners don't need to filter their fuel because it has lots of grit in it; the... More

Following Recommended Intervals for Your vehicle

October 15, 2018

If you're reading this article in Royal Oak, Michigan, then you probably care about your vehicle and how it runs. Even though you care, there is still that moment of dread when your professional service advisor at TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires tells you the manufacturer recommends some addit... More

Automotive Tips from TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires: Making a Battery Last Longer

October 7, 2018

One thing all Royal Oak drivers can do to extend the life of their battery is to keep it clean. A greasy, dirty battery holds in damaging heat. Same goes for removing corrosion from the terminals. TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires can help maintain your battery.Allowing your battery to be deeply ... More

Automotive Tips from TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires: Serpentine Belt System Wear

September 30, 2018

The primary job of the serpentine belt for Royal Oak drivers is to provide important traction to spin the accessories. As the belt wears it loses some of its grip and the accessories may not spin at optimal speeds. For example, if your alternator doesnt spin fast enough, the battery will not comp... More