Automotive Tips from TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires: Serpentine Belt System Wear

September 30, 2018

The primary job of the serpentine belt for Royal Oak drivers is to provide important traction to spin the accessories. As the belt wears it loses some of its grip and the accessories may not spin at optimal speeds. For example, if your alternator doesnt spin fast enough, the battery will not comp... More

Engine Air Filter from TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires

September 23, 2018

Many Royal Oak drivers have found themselves in the following situation: They go to get their oil changed and their friendly service advisor at TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires recommends a new engine air filter. They say yes, but don't know what an air filter is or what it does.If this has hap... More

Steering Clear in Royal Oak

September 16, 2018

Those who know vehicles believe the steering system may be the most vital component of them all. Perhaps you've found over the years your steering has gotten loose. Or maybe suddenly, your steering wheel has gotten very hard to turn. Let's steer you in the direction of understanding why this may ... More

Nighttime Visibility in Royal Oak

September 9, 2018

There are a number of factors that contribute to the high nighttime accident rate in the Royal Oak area, things like drowsy driving and a higher rate of impaired driving. Without a doubt, visibility is a major contributor. Let's focus on visibilityIt's said that 90 percent of our driving decision... More

Brake Service at TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires in Royal Oak

September 2, 2018

Brakes really aren't optional equipment for Royal Oak drivers' vehicles. And taking care of them isn't optional either.A regular brake inspection is on every Michigan driver's vehicle maintenance schedule. At TLC Custom Exhaust Brakes & Tires, our team will check your brake system and let you kn... More